Thursday, June 9, 2016

What is a Community College? 
A community college is an institution that provides the first two years of university education and prepares students for the workforce or transfer to a four-year university.  There are over 1,000 community colleges in the United States serving over 11 million students. 

Why should you choose Bergen Community College? 
There are many advantages to starting your university education at a community college.  Tuition is lower than state-funded and private universities; there is a strong focus on student learning; and many opportunities to experience U.S. culture or learn English as a second language.  A community college is more affordable and usually offers smaller class sizes which accommodates more student teacher interaction.  Bergen does not require an application fee or SAT or ACT scores.  Whether you are interested in obtaining an Associate’s degree, learning English, or short term study abroad for academic or cultural immersion experience, Bergen is the place that provides those opportunities.  Apply today! 

International Admissions FAQs

Ø  What do I have to do get accepted to BCC?
Once a student has submitted a complete application with all required documents and materials, the International Student Center staff can make a determination of acceptance within a few weeks. The student will be contacted by the ISC staff if additional materials are requested or with an official letter of acceptance and an I-20.

Ø  Is there an application fee?
We do not have an application fee.

Ø  What are the application deadlines?
Applications for the Fall semester should be submitted by July 1. The deadline for students transferring to Bergen Community College from another US institution for the Fall semester is August 15. Applications for the Spring semester should be submitted by October 15. The deadline for students transferring to Bergen Community College from another institution for the Spring semester is December 1. Deadlines are flexible.

Ø  How much is the tuition?
F-1 students are required to be enrolled minimum 12 credits per semester and they need to pay out of county tuition rate which is approximately $4,000 for per semester.

Ø  Do you offer any financial aid for international students?
Bergen Community College does not have international student scholarships and F-1 status students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. However, you may apply to the tuition payment plan. 
For more information please visit
You may also visit for a list of scholarship available to international students. 

Ø  Can I work in the USA?
Students may be eligible in some cases to work during their studies. 
F-1 students need prior authorization from an International Student Counselor for any kind of work for pay, on or off campus.

Ø  I have completed college/university courses outside of the USA.  May I receive credit for this work?
You will need to have your credits professionally evaluated by an approved evaluation agency on a course by course basis. 
Please visit: for information.

Ø  Do you have housing on campus?  
Bergen Community College does not have on-campus housing. Most F-1 students reside with family members or arrange their own apartment housing. However, there are many hotels near campus for a temporary stay. 
You may also visit  on our website for apartment search engines.  Please call the ISC for some suggestions.